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Sports Night

Casey McCall and Dan Rydell are sports anchors and best friends. On "Sports Night," their nightly cable program.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Sports Night
"Dejected by his divorce and the state of sports, Casey contemplates leaving \"Sports Night\". Natalie has a crush on an applicant for an associate producer position."
"The network is upset when a newly-published magazine interview reveals that Dan is in favor of the legalization of marijuana."
"Jeremy gets his first big producing break - a hunting segment. Natalie tries to get Casey interested in Dana during the run-up to one of Luther Sach's dinner parties."
"Casey's jealousy over Dana and Gordon leaves him kicking fire hydrants and hearing phantom flies. Dan faces repercussions from the network for his birthday present to Casey."
"Natalie does a pre-interview with a volatile football player and things get out of hand."
"A distracted Natalie keeps forgetting things, while Jeremy tries to shield her from her hate mail."
"Jeremy writes a letter to his sister Louise, flashing back over the day's events, including Dan's problems with writer's block and Isaac's problems with his daughter's new boyfriend."
"Dana worries about her Thanksgiving turkey, Isaac worries about his pregnant daughter, and the ghost of Thespis wreaks havoc on the set."
"The team anchors a broadcast from Mt. Everest, Dana sees a Broadway show, and Dan tries to find a worthy charity."
"Dan and Casey are Atlantic City-bound after the broadcast, Natalie and Jeremy have a fight, and Isaac discovers he's shrinking."
"Casey appears on _\"View, The\" (1997)_ and the team follows the story of seven college football players who are suspended for refusing to play under the Confederate flag."
"Dan decides that it's time Casey started dating again, so long as he stays away from Sally Sasser. Isaac fears for his job."
"Dana, Gordon, Casey, and a woman from Gordon's office go on a double-date, leaving Natalie to produce the show and Dan to contend with a replacement anchor."
"Dan obsesses over a woman who works in the building, and everyone worries about Isaac's job."
"Gordon invites Dana to go snorkeling, and Dan begs Jeremy to talk him up to Rebecca."
"Gordon stands Dana up, and Casey's missing his favorite shirt."
"The show is held up when a tennis match goes longer than expected, putting a damper on Dana and Gordon's dinner plans."
"Jeremy's parents are getting divorced, and Dan eagerly awaits Orlando Rojas' return to baseball."
"Isaac is late coming back from vacation, Bobbi Bernstein returns, and Steve Sisco visits Rebecca."
"A bomb scare clears the building, Jeremy tries to break up with Natalie, and the network starts pressuring Dana."
"Casey is still rattled from the bomb scare, Jeremy tries to understand a cricket story, and Rebecca makes her decision about Dan."
"When Dana and Gordon get engaged, Casey has no plan and Dan's compelled to reveal a secret."
"Casey's son comes to visit, and Dana takes a group photo with her new camera. Season One Finale."
Season 2 - Sports Night